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Large classes are a reality in iraq and they pose particular challenges. The effect of large classes on english teaching and. The challenges specific to english language teaching in large classes telc challenges tlc challenges include the following. Pba builds on the current work on language policy and practice, but instead of providing a set of standards, it identifies a set of principles that can help policymakers in diverse contexts develop locally appropriate language policies and practices.

Pdf classroom management problems and coping strategies of. This management style or philosophy is marked by a strong notion of control and preparation. The overall goal is to provide teaching tips that readers can immediately use in their large classes. Method this research belongs to a case study research. Boredom, failure, and frustration teach kids to be troublemakers. Teachers strategies in managing a large class in teaching english at smp. When a class is large, you have to overbuild your classroom management structures. Classroom management the glossary of education reform. English language teaching elt policies and practices. Synthesizing the earlier views, locastro 2001 summarizes the problems of teaching large classes as pedagogical, management related and affective. However many teachers around the world have over 40 pupils, and some have over 100. When classroom management strategies are executed effectively, teachers minimize the behaviors that impede learning for both individual students and groups of students, while maximizing the. Classroom management refers to the wide variety of skills and techniques that teachers use to keep students organized, orderly, focused, attentive, on task, and academically productive during a class.

Such an analysis of elt methods is rendered here with the main objective of establishing the feasibility of following a bilingual. Knowingusing students names in a large class can seem impossible. Classroom techniques and activities for teaching english as. To my surprise, a copy of classroom management techniques by jim scrivener turned up in my pigeon hole at work. What to consider when teaching english in large classes. Effective teaching in large classes mais flaieh hasan abstract. The strategies the teacher used in managing the large class covered. Brief subject description the topics are an overview of elt classroom practice for trainee teachers and the objective of this specially designed course is to familiarise trainees with some of the basic principles and theory of elt. Nov 19, 2014 if you find yourself with a group that is a challenge to manage, see if you can harness their extra energy, and turn a negative into a positive. Points worth knowing about anyone can be brainstormed with the class and listed on the board. Diverse classes become large sooner than homogeneous classes. This includes the general challenges of organising the learning and the learners. English language teaching methodology english language and literature mgr. It will be a welcome aid to instructors who are attempting to translate advances in elt theory into realworld classroom praxis.

Communicate, discuss and share regularly the classroom management techniques with other. Elt coursebook to draw on in a given context, which can only be made possible with a comprehensive and elaborative evaluation. Effective classroom management strategies and classroom management programs for educational practice. Trends and issues in elt methods and methodology elt. The effect of large classes on english teaching and learning. This book alerts readers to the development of the most recent elt methods and materials, and it does end page 209so in a relatively compact form. Approaches to elt coursebook evaluation sheldon 1988 mentions two basic reasons to evaluate coursebooks. The challenges of large classes the majority of the problems of teaching large classes can be categorised into 5 general areas. The research was designed with a mixed method by using both qualitative and quantitative data from the 4th year students at english language teaching elt department at bal. The challenges of teaching large classes in general tlc challenges 2. Classroom management in foreign language education eric. One useful technique might be to have students create profile cards for you.

Below are some strategies which have been proposed for addressing common challenges in large class english teaching. Margot mccamley discusses discipline and offers practical advice and suggestions on how to ensure students behave well in class. These two definitions of etl are what make elt a bit confusing. The current situation is that most teachers use elt techniques they learned in teacher training programs in small class settings, but the reality in the classroom is quite different, so some things dont work. So, in a class of 100 you might have twenty groups of 5 students. We drew up this list of challenges and possible responses in 2012 as a basis for a questionnaire study we carried out with teachers worldwide later in the same year. First, the evaluation will help the teacher or program developer make decisions on selecting the. Procedures examples of lessons learned include the following, many of which can be applied to any class size. In conclusion, the book is a wonderful complement to the already large collection of english language teaching books. It is practical and encourages readers to develop greater understanding of classroom management techniques through the viewing of many different aspects. With less oneonone time with small groups and individual students, teachers need to keep that large number of kids talking and being listened to.

How can you use group work to help learning in a large class. Amanda gamble offers some practical tips and advice on giving whole class feedback. Teaching large classes teachingenglish british council bbc. Essential strategies for teaching large classes by brock brady. Like many others, i rather fell into elt management. As an esl educator, a large part of your teaching time will be spent not developing lesson plans or introducing new material, but doing something else entirely. They are grouping the students, using english in large classes, and making students active. In a large class children in pairs and groups can help each other and learn from each other. Giving instructions, maintaining control and discipline, and organising group work can all take more time. Materials and methods in elt is an essential resource for teachers or for those engaged in taking professional courses relating to all aspects of english language teaching. However, we have seen groupwork used in large classes.

This also indicates that teachers need more technical strategies in large class. A read is counted each time someone views a publication summary such as the title, abstract, and list of authors, clicks on a figure, or views or downloads the fulltext. University of groningen effective classroom management. Oregon state university 2 teaching large classes i classroom management three philosophies of how to manage a large class treat the classroom as a sacred temple of learning. With a class of 148 students, groupwork is going to be very difficult. What feels like chaos at first can be turned into creative group learning opportunities. Tips for elt managers teachingenglish british council bbc. Efl, large classes, learning outcomes, secondary schools, saudi arabia 1. However, one key element of classroom management remains the same.

However, in a survey done in 2008 covering more than 30 countries, regardless of how many students the respondents typically taught anywhere from 20 to 150, most felt that a class became large with about 30 students brady, 2011. The last 50 pages of classroom management techniques offer tips and activities related to 10 different topics, which are. A suggested eclectic checklist for elt coursebook evaluation. In english language teaching elt, especially, when english is connected to class room teaching crt, it plays a very significant role in engrossing the students attention. The analysis of the methods includes the background in which the methods evolved the basic principles and characteristic features of the methods, the strength and weakness of each method and lastly the relevance of the method. What teaching strategies work best with todays students the key to successful classroom management is good teaching, not rules. Elt is a different way of looking at the tool approach to data movement. In the large class, simple traffic control is an issue the first days ways of getting students in the class, into their seats, and out at the end with minimum disruption.

The biggest issue with large classes is when teachers try to teach a large class like a small class. As we know, with large class sizes, quiet students tend to get even less airtime. Large class teaching challenges and possible responses. Managing large classes effective management of large classes is a popular topic among faculty in higher education. English language teaching approaches and methods educ 3324. Feb 21, 2015 dogme elt dec 08, 2015 i contacted cambridge university press last month. Classroom management, preservice teachers, efl teacher. Classroom management techniques by jim scrivener elt. Pdf classroom management problems preservice teachers.

Another major current in theoretical debates about elt methodology during the period in question has been the application of a critical theory perspective to language teaching methods, i. Since then it has been an upward learning curve, and i have picked up and stored away a few tips along the way, which may come in useful for any of you who find yourselves in the same boat. A principlesbased approach for english language teaching. Conclusions suggest a need for more research particularly on the relationship between classroom management and aspects such as target language use and teaching methods. Organise the groups to suit the childrens abilities teachers of large classes have tried different strategies. A large creative writing class may have 40 students while a large biology class may have over 200. In larger classes, more time is needed for nonacademic activities related to administrative and organizational procedures and to the management and control of discipline. Lessons learned from teaching large classes introduction. Classroom management in foreign language education.

Teaching large classes introduction to the topic teachers in different countries have different opinions about what a large class is. Elt methods there are many methods of teaching languages. Ayesha bashir 03 maryam bashir 04 ayesha bashir 01 wajeeha jamal 33. The data is copied to the target and then transformed in place. Now available in its 3rd edition, this popular teachers guide offers a comprehensive and useful introduction to the principles and practice of teaching english as a foreignsecond language. The methodology lessons they took, their cooperating teachers, and their previous. Almost all teachers think that their own classes are too large, even in europe where classes usually have 2040 pupils. Teachers strategy, teaching english, classroom management strategy. If the workload for the course is higher than normal because of the number of students enrolled, then i think its safe to be labeled a large class.

Foreign language instruction, classroom management, target language use. One thing that helps is asking groups to assign a leader. Apr 16, 2017 classroom management in the esl efl classroom can be challenging at times because of a number of variables in english classroom management. They provide checklists to reinforce and implement practices that the. Basic teaching and learning beliefs and terminology in relation to the palestinian context 2. A guide to the practice of english language teaching for teachers. The first area focuses on the distinctive characteristics of foreign language instruction that are more likely to impact classroom management in foreign language classes. It develops the students pedagogical knowledge and the basic skills needed to teach english efficiently. Teaching abroad is the perfect chance to try new things, and see what works.

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