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Intellivision has a full suite of video analytics products for security and video surveillance in the smart city smart building market using cctv cameras. Hanwha techwin delivers a comprehensive line of security cameras and surveillance solutions for analog and network based systems. The audio and video analytics software provides timely alerts to make surveillance systems more proactive, accurate and e. Event detection is based on a growing range of criteria mass crowd c. White paper adding video analytics to analog surveillance 2 video surveillance today is in the midst of a paradigm shift. Storageservershow many video surveillance cameras are there in this world. Get smarter video alerts with our video analytics service. Intelligent video analytics can now make your cctv even smarter. Video analytics can quickly analyze, alert and report on cctv footageeven monitor feedback from multiple cameras constantlywithout the errors of manual intervention. Video video surveillance systemssurveillance systems. Without any manual input, analytical video can detect activity such as. Real time ai based video analytics scales to large camera networks. These systems will be based on new computer vision and artificial intelligence algorithms.

One of the goals of the erncip thematic group tg on video analytics and surveillance vas is to support these communities and the interaction between them with a future proof performance evaluation methodology of video analytics, and in the future potentially also of other components of a surveillance system. Through the use of advance patternbased analytics and teachbyexample technology, avigilon video analytics are designed to increase the productivity of security personnel while making monitoring more affordable and efficient. Cctv video analytics introduction clearview communications. However, there are several challenges in developing and deploying such systems, including high development and. Intelligent video analytics video analytics emotyx. Increased security reduction in theft improved quality.

Keywords video content analysis, data analysis, video motion detection, video analysis software, business intelligence solutions, video management system, surveillance manager applications. Video analytics deliver clarity, insights you act on, and eliminate the noise. We tested against avigilons advanced analytics and axis video motion detection 3 to see how they compare. Your smart video monitoring could be even more valuable with s video analytics, a highly intelligent new service that distinguishes important events from routine activity in real time. Our video security, cloud and access control solutions are integrated and powered by ai to provide you with the right information at the right time so you can take decisive action. One of the goals of the erncip thematic group tg on video analytics and surveillance vas is to support these communities and the interaction between them with a future proof performance evaluation methodology of video analytics, and in the future potentially. In manual mode, the operator can control the direction of the camera. It should be noted that wso2s video analytics platforms capabilities are. These suppliers have been integrating video analytics into. It automates security surveillance, customer tracking, crowd analytics, people counting, vehicle counting, facilities tracking, heatmap analytics and many more. However, 98% of video feeds go unseen and 95% of incidents are missed after 20 minutes. An overload of sensors and devices, as well as the volume of unstructured events and alarms all make it harder for you to know what is happening around you. In previous years, analytics were primarily needed and available to large, corporate or government systems, requiring powerful servers to run each application along with highend infrastructure.

Video analytics can also be used in retail using heat maps to see traffic flowduration at any point in the shop. Verint video surveillance analytics offers an advanced video analytics solution to help improve security responsiveness. Video analytics enhances the potential of existing ip cctv surveillance system by increasing security and public safety. This includes low level identification of objects within the field of view of cameras, following those objects over time and between cameras, and the interpretation of those objects appearance and movements with respect to models of behaviour and therefore. The stateoftheart, camerabased fike video analytics video smoke detection system, visually detects the presence of flame or smoke at its source. It acts as the brains of a security system, using metadata to add sense and structure to captured video footage.

Intelligent video analytics cctv video analytics farsight. The intelligent video surveillance solution from mindtree o. Much of this growth is being driven by leading chinese equipment vendors such as hikvision, dahua and huawei. Founded in 2004, ba is headquartered in boston, with offices in gcc dubai, doha, bahrain, india mumbai, delhi, china shanghai, and singapore.

Video analytics and smart cctv are commercial terms for vca in the security domain. Similarly, video analytics can deliver improved results as part of postincident analysis. Video analytics surveillance systems automatically perform an analysis of captured video, making the resulting data useful by tagging it with appropriate labels. The software system reliably detects, tracks, and analyzes moving objects while suppressing unwanted. The state of security video analytics security industry. Here are just a few of the ways intelligent video analytics and cctv video insights can help your business. Fike video analytics is a turnkey video smoke detection solution. Axis offers a number of video analytics applications that support security operators in their daily work by solving realworld video surveillance challenges. This report provides the history and background information related to the proveitva project conducted by the cbsa under the funding from defence research and development canada drdc centre for security science css public security technical program pstp. Cctv technologies fall under ael reference number 14sw01vida. With a wide range of analytic detection functions, verint video. Jan 20, 2010 presentation of observision video analytics software to create intelligent video systems for live cctv viewing and retrospective search for specific objects. White paper adding video analytics to analog surveillance. A wireless traffic surveillance system using video analytics video surveillance systems have been commonly used in transportation systems to support traffic monitoring, speed estimation, and incident detection.

Ip cctv systems offer much more than peace of mind and the assurance of security, they also provide valuable business intelligence and help drive up your business performance. We tested hikvisions video analytics on six hikvision models, ranging from entry level to high end hikvision cameras, in this outdoor test scene. Our combination of unified and thirdparty analytics technologies transform video into smart, actionable data. Intelligent video analytics 6 bosch security systems. Edgecomputing video analytics for realtime traffic. Strengthen your overall security by analyzing surveillance video in real time and improving incident response. Cctv is a system where signals are not publicly distributed but monitored for security purposes. By eliminating the reliance of the human factor which is a costly resource with limited alertness and attention. Cisco video analytics consists of embedded software on video endpoints, such as ip cameras, to provide innovative ways to perform video analysis. Video analytics functionality, type and alert type. This white paper will discuss the concept and technology behind video processing, a reference architecture to build a system that can extract highlevel information from camera feeds, and some use cases of realworld applications. It also presents key considerations that apply to planning a modernday video analytics deployment. Realtime video analytics time video analytics time. It can be used in multiple sectors such as in government, retail, medical, transport, airports and help to protect people and assets against harm and damage before an event occurs.

Presentation of observision video analytics software to create intelligent video systems for live cctv viewing and retrospective search for specific objects and behaviours. Introduction to video analytics in 5 minutes youtube. The future of video analytics for surveillance and its. Essential video analytics 6 bosch security systems. This type of video analytics stands out from other video content analysis solutions because of its ability to differentiate between genuine security events and known false triggers. This differs from broadcast television where the signal is transmitted over the air and viewed with a television.

Axis video analytics portfolio makes it possible to create scalable video analytics solutions for a wide range of network video products with diversified. Gone are the days of security staff watching fuzzy images on closed circuit tv cctv. In many domains vca is implemented on cctv systems, either distributed on the cameras attheedge or centralized on dedicated processing systems. Licensefree video analytics appeardisappear loitering behavior analytics virtual line directional detection enterexit passing motion detection, ptz handover, digital auto tracking, intrusion detection face detection tampering detection fog detection, defocus detection detection red newly developed analytic screenshots from wn x series. Video analytics or cctv software has come a long way over the last few years in terms of capabilities and accessibility. Cctv video analytics atssactive total security systems. The current state of the art and direction of research in computer vision aimed at automating the analysis of cctv images is presented. They improve your security and operational efficiency, so you make the right decisions at the right time. Ai video analytics face recognition, alpranpr, retail. Video analytics from these cameras are used for traffic control, retail store monitoring, surveillance and security, as well as consumer applications including. In video analytics, the user can specify the activity of interest, not just movement car number plates b.

Creating a more secure world and new value for businesses. The video surveillance vs value chain is composed of three entities. Specialist video software, in use at the farsight observatory, now automatically and autonomously detects unusual activity. Analog 6 hd cctv, ip cameras, resolution, technical december 15, 2011 february 11, 2020 emraan cctv users who have thus far resisted moving toward ip technology may be missing out on the versatility that ip security cameras offer through video analytics.

One example is light field technology, which models a point of light as having not only a threedimensional location in space, plus color and brightness, but also having a direction and speed of travel. Humanvehicle detection and counting, zone intrusion, face recognition, alpranpr, etc. Verints sophisticated technology is designed to enable real time alerting for a variety of userdefined events relating to people, vehicles and static objects. Through the use of highdefinition video analytics, patternbased analytics algorithms, and teachbyexample capabilities, we provide preventative protection through proven selflearning video analytics technology. The video processing engine processes the video frames, detects the available faces, and cross checks the features with the available user database. The software system is stateoftheart intelligent video analytics that reliably detects, tracks, and analyzes. It is providing operational, marketing and security insights from cctv video feeds, monitoring people and vehicle flows, queues and waiting times in customer service environments. Pos systems are often linked to ipbased network cameras, video analytics, and network video recording see chapter 7. Boston analytics ba is a strategy and advanced analytics firm. Jul 22, 2016 this paper examines the current state of security video analytics technology, the nature of video analytics advances and the information technology tre nds that are enabling them. The builtin intelligent video analytics perfectly matches the robust design of the mic ip cameras.

Video analytics intelligent video analytics ip cctv systems offer much more than peace of mind and the assurance of security, they also provide valuable business intelligence and help drive up your business performance. By means of video analytics, systems can be set up to deliver far more targeted and specific information, creating increased business value. Mar 28, 2018 video analytics is about reducing the vast amount of information contained in video, making it more manageable for systems and people. Mic ip cameras bosch security and safety systems global. Marrying video analytics and iot sensors and wearables. Recognise, analyse and track people, vehicles and objects. Cctv video analytics for insights, security and safety. Jan 14, 20 the current state of the art and direction of research in computer vision aimed at automating the analysis of cctv images is presented. Pdf the future of video analytics for surveillance and its.

System capabilities enable retailers to view video of a cash register total, date, time, and other information as the merchandise is being sold. Emotyx is an aipowered realtime video analytics software that enables businesses to harness intelligent insights from cctv videos. Video video surveillance systemssurveillance systems current systems and future current systems and future trendstrends. An automatic video analytics system can help in this li ve monitoring task in a number of ways, foremost by monitor ing many channels of video simultaneously for indicator be. Many factors affecting the video surveillance industry todayaggressive price competition, supply base consolidation, chinas continued prevalence, intelligent analytics, safe cities and the continuing movement from standard to high definition video make. Video analytics offers a wealth of benefits, such as a more efficient use of staff, reduced costs for storage and servers, and faster access to stored video. Focus on video analytics 2015 eur 27851 en the research leading to these results has received funding from the european union as part of the european reference network for critical infrastructure protection project. Zulip zulip is a powerful open source group chat application that combines the immediacy of realtime chat. The system monitors video streams coming from analog, digital, or ip cctv cameras in near.

Disclose and develop test data sets for relevant video analytics use cases 33. A wireless traffic surveillance system using video analytics. Video analytics is the latestgeneration development in the field of video surveillance solutions, designed to help customers further improve the overall effectiveness of their cctv security solution. Video analytics and surveillance surveillance use cases. The software system is stateoftheart intelligent video analytics. Pwcs video analytics solutions 3 advanced analytics. Video analytics is an important enabler of any strategy to substantially improve levels of security, as well as offering clear business advantages beyond security. This can be useful in advertising and identification of popular items. News and advice for security professionals rene millman cctv software primarily video analytics platforms is required to exploit the functionality offered by ipbased cctv systems as the transition from analogue to digital continues.

Efc may 2011 urs electronics 1 advanced cctv and what it means to your operation efc conference may 11, 2011 leavenworth, wa kevin loresch docmonroe eric paffenroth pelco. The future of video analytics for surveillance and its ethical implications article pdf available in security journal 283 november 2012 with 1,093 reads how we measure reads. Video analytics cctv facial recognition and video analytics software. F ace recognition when a video surveillance system can automatically match a persons face against a database of individuals. First reference dispelling popular myths about video surveillance in workplaces, facilities and mass gathering areas. The usage of cctv footage is not restricted to traffic counting but can. An accenture core video analytics solution, which includes counting and queue monitoring capabilities, has recently been tested in south africa.

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