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Technical databook mechanical handler michelin pdf catalogs. Michelins best standard passenger carminivan tire ever, offering 90,000 miles1 of confident driving through exceptional safety, longevity and a quiet, comfortable ride so that you can protect those you care about most. The aspect ratio is the relationship of a tires sidewall height to its section width, expressed as a percentage. Enhanced channel siping and wide grooves allow for premium wetdry traction. Michelin continually updates its product information to reflect these changes.

Bmw has chosen the michelin pilot sport 4s ps4s as a 21inch summer tire fitment for its new highperformance x3 m and x4 m models, and also as the sole fitment for the global press launch of these. Michelin truck tire data book michelin truck tires. They eliminated the tire related issues i was having. In an rv application, the loads indicated represent the total weight of an axle end. For complete tire specifications, refer to application specific data books.

Specifically, note that the employer shall provide a. Michelin mn12279 digital programmable tire gauge with light. Auto and vehicle agriculture tire michelin tyre dealers in. Technical data car 4x4 van 2017 2018 this data book contains comprehensive information on our car, 4x4, lt light truck and van tyres. Michelin, bfgoodrich join ram agpack for exclusive tire offer michelin. Aircraft tire data 2851 aircraft tire application data 5272 helpful conversion factors 73 michelin manufactures a wide variety of sizes and types of tires to the exacting standards of the aircraft industry. Xtra load tires offer highest rating for casing and load capacity for 40 to 80ton payload trucks greenville, s. The load index is applied in countries where the etrto standards are used. Always replace the rubber valve stem on a 16 through 19. Truck tire data and reference book double coin tires. Always refer to the tire sidewall markings for maximum load and pressure information.

Always install new valve cores and metal valve caps containing plastic or rubber seals. This michelin mn12279 digital programmable tire pressure gauge has a large readout with different readings for the front and rear tires. Michelins most popular surfacemine tire now available in 37. The lower the ratio, the smaller the sidewall height, which means better cornering, but a rougher ride. Find the original tread depth in the price sheetdata book. The following are general instructions for mounting and demounting michelin tubeless tires, including the michelin x one tires. Michelin was founded in clermontferrand, france in 1889 and is named after its founding brothers, edouard and andre. Rv tires commercial light truck tires retreads michelin.

Super rare factory 2000 michelin commercial light truck tire data book. Click here to print or download the michelin truck tire data book click here to print or download the uniroyal passengerlight truck data book. Car tire imports from mexico increased nearly 19% or 2. Michelin pressure recommendations are based on tire usage in normal conditions. If you require information for michelin products not listed in this data book, please contact your michelinrepresentative or your michelindealer. The instructions and data given in this data book are valid for all tyre brands of continental ag, if not otherwise specified. If you have the ps2 tires now, check out that blog post to see. Through the tyres life, michelin offers best value while offering high levels of damage resistance and survivability. The aspect ratio is the relationship of a tire s sidewall height to its section width, expressed as a percentage. One of the main characteristics of the agricultural industry is diversity. Michelin began publishing its red guide in 1900, when both cars and food tourism were novel luxuries.

Use tire unique solid shoulder design that provides long even wear in high scrub applications. In that post, i explained how the new pilot super sport tires compare to the michelin pilot sport ps2 tires. However, on vintage cars, if the rims are not airtight, we can allow the fitting of certain tl. Why does a tire company publish the michelin guide. Experienced in the requirements of offroad activity. Michelin xze continental hsr, hybrid hs3, hsr2 yokohama ry023, 104zr double coin double coin manufactures epa smartwayverified technologies product comparison chart 2 2017 truck tire data and reference book. In this example, the sidewall height of the tire is 55% of its width. Jun 20, 2019 michelin introduces allseason, heavyduty tire for lighttruck applications that answers commercial demands. When used as duals, tire load carrying capacity must be reduced by 12%. Buy car tires, truck tires and suv tires online michelin. Mfp michelin 855 200 507 rcs clermontferrand nt oor nt oor. High mileage potential, damage resistance and reliability of michelin casings. Michelin introduces allseason, heavyduty tire for lighttruck applications that answers commercial demands.

With 6 new twostar restaurants and 12 new onestar establishments, the michelin guide switzerland 2020 is launched today, and this brings the total of restaurants in the country that have now been awarded one or more michelin stars to 122. Auto and vehicle agriculture tire michelin tyre dealers. Michelin defender ltx ms all season radial tire 22565r17 102h. The load capacity of a tire is indicated by the star rating in case of radial tire and the ply rating in case of bias tire. The equivalent load value in this data book which corresponds to the required inflation pressure can be found as follows. Michelin pilot sport 4s fitments for the new bmw x3 m and x4 m.

For use on slopes or intensive road use, add 6 psi. Goodyear and michelin brand casings recorded between june 2009 and november 2010 prove that bridgestone had the lowest percentage of tires that could not be retreaded due. October 02, 2018 michelin introduces marketfirst 3star rating 18. And this is precisely why continental truck tires pay in the longterm, as their performance benefits extend beyond a tire s normal lifespan to be repeated again and again, thanks to the contilifecycle. Michelin has introduced its new michelin aircraft app, which provides a wealth of information for aircraft mechanics, private pilots, line maintenance workers, commercial airline workers, military operators or any other person who works in aviation or has an interest in download the michelin aircraft tyre mobile app for product and service. Durable casing construction delivers optimum protection from impacts and scrub damage. With excellent resistance to stresses and strains, greater durability and better allround performance, youll benefit from superb efficiency and productivity. Specifically, tire load and pressure tables included in this book are classified according.

In this example, the tire sidewall height is approximately 55% of the tire width. And this is precisely why continental truck tyres pay in the longterm, as their performance benefits extend beyond a tyres normal lifespan to be repeated again and again, thanks to the contilifecycle. In order for a tire to perform properly, it must be mounted on the correct size wheel. Appendix pages 67 of the michelin truck tire service manual mwl40732.

Michelin launches new tractor tire for heavy road use may 1, 2019 michelin is launching the michelin roadbib tractor tire, available in two sizes, to make tractors more versatile and as effective on road as off. You can see my original blog post about this new max performance summer tire here. Earthmover tires differ from those mounted on cars or commercial vehicles by. I have a new car but it has low profile tires to me they look flat all the time and coupled with my dashboard lowpressure tire indicator, i have to keep checking to see if theres enough air so im not.

Car, suv, trucks tires michelin une meilleure facon davancer. Brand xs claiming to be just as good as a michelin and these pirellis eclipsed all of those to the very end. Trondheim, host city michelin nordic countries 2020. If you require information for michelin products not listed in this data book. Michelin s liability shall not be held responsible for incorrect data entries. Astroai atg150 3 pack digital tire pressure gauge 150 psi 4 settings for car truck bicycle with backlit lcd and nonslip grip, silver 4. Technical databook the fastest way to the perfect tire. I was experiencing tracking and handling issues with the dunlap tires. Harleydavidson cvo electra glide ultra classic flhtcuse 200920. All michelin tires come standard with the extra peace of mind provided by the michelin promise plan that honors a 30day satisfaction guarantee, provides flat tire changing assistance and includes a limited mileage warranty. If you require information for michelin products not listed in this data book, please contact your michelin representative or your michelin dealer. Michelin earthmover offers earthmover tires for all types of machines.

Before mixing types of tires in any configuration on any vehicle, be sure to check the vehicle owners manual for its recommendations. Michelin australia auto agriculture tire michelin agricultural tyres are providing solutions in a wide range of farming and agroindustrial applications throughout australia. Michelin defender ltx ms all season radial tire22565r17 102h. Michelin commander ii rear motorcycle tire 18065b16 81h fits.

I replaced a set of almost new dunlap d402s with these incredible tires. Super rare factory 2000 michelin commercial light truck. This identifies the tires aspect ratio, which is the relationship of the tires sidewall height to the tires width. Technical data book 2 3 we know that cost efficiency is the key. Using a sticktype 32nds gauge, measure the 32nds of tread remaining at three pints in the center two grooves and average the three measurements. See the michelin group tire brand sales market results. If you require information for michelinproducts not listed in this data book. It is the second largest tyre manufacturer in the world after bridgestone and larger than both goodyear and continental. In the load and inflation tables, single means an axle with one tire mounted on each end, while dual means an axle with two tires mounted on each end.

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